Week in review

This was just a normal crazy week…adjusting back to work after weeks of holidays is rough…put away my Christmas cards which always makes me sad…I store mine on 2 rings and save them…I have mine dating back to 2011.

Library store time with my loves on my days off is my favorite

My sweet little type A sorted and organized her blocks for over an hour:)
This sweet boy is getting too big

haha this face…never seen it before..apparently pics with mom require rest breaks

Hewwo poppie, chuah andan agyduas MY house:)

This boy practically sitting on his own:(

He loves tags…or basically anything he can get in his mouth

my sweet girl

Quick nap before church time

My sweet babies books arrived this week and they turned out better than I even expected…tears!

I made some baby food this weekend…can't believe its already time for this…my sweet little helper was adorable..more on this soon...

this sweet boy I think is working on tooth #3 if not all this chewing and drool is in vain...
Mommy don't take my chew toy away

This girl and mustard…so strange…eating mustard off her bread..

I can't get over sleeping babies…still my favorite
my sweet Southern belle as our sweet friend Hannah calls her;)

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