6 months-Cayson

Oh sweet Cayson boy how in this world are you possibly 6 months old already….I seriously cannot believe it. Time flies far too fast for me these days….I am so incredibly thankful for you and love and adore you!

You are getting too big for your britches and want to keep up with your sissy so bad…you absolutely adore her! No one can get you to smile and giggle quite like your sissy can. Watching ya'll is far more precious than I could ever have imagined. You are SO ready to be able to crawl and chase after her though…in time buddy, in time, don't rush..

Our early morning feedings are one of my favorite times….it is in that quiet that I hug on you, pray over you and beg God to give me wisdom on how to raise a Godly man…after you nurse you cuddle your little face in the crook of my neck, put your hand on my cheek and pull your little knees up in a ball…I honestly could sit there all day…be still time, it's in those moments you feel like my tiny little baby and I adore it…I kiss your cheeks until I can't anymore. You are so incredibly cuddly and this cuddle momma could never have dreamed of a more perfect boy! I am so overwhelmed by God's grace and mercy and so thankful He knows just what we need, when we need it.

I pray you know Him, son, more than anything in this world…and that you always know how incredibly loved and blessed you are….

You are finally sleeping better…we finally did a slight cry it out at 5.5 months after one night when you were up every hour like a newborn…you literally never cry more than 10 minutes and always settle..I know this is what is best for you even though its hard…it has honestly helped tremendously in your sleep pattern…

You are sitting up so well though you regressed a little right before your 6 month appt and like the pediatrician says I think this means you are close to your next milestone…you are almost a crawler…no way stop bubba...


3-5:00 am-nurse
8 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, play
11:30-nurse, play
12:30-sleep (this is your best nap usually 2-2.5 hours long)
2:30-nurse, play
6-nurse, play
10:00-nurse depending on last feeding and how tired momma is;)

Your sister and her outfit she picked helping with your photos;)

Weight:  15 lbs 12 oz (17%ile)
Length:  26.5 in (43 %ile)
Head: 16.5 in (12%)

Diapers: Size 2, 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 9 hrs 24 min
Clothes size: 6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months
Shoe size: 1, 2

1sts: apple, sweet potatoes, peas

Teeth: 2

Milestones: Sitting up

Shots today: Flu, MMR, Prevnar, Pentacel

Happy 6 months!

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