Outdoor family fun

Swing/Slide/Trampoline/Wagon/Bike trailer

We spent SO much time outdoors growing up. I have so many fond memories of family bike rides, park fun, playing "school bus" in the front yard, rollerblading…you name it we played it. We grew up in a cul-de-sac and spent every hour outside that was possible. We are still friends with the kids we grew up on that cul-de-sac with. Life and the world has changed a lot since then but I still want my kids to get to enjoy the outdoors. I got a bike and the above trailer for Christmas and am so excited to make memories with our kiddos. I know I have shared most of the other items above but I truly feel that they are all must haves with kids. Also, a water table and at least a kiddie pool for summer:) I am so excited to enjoy my bike and get some exercise in with the kids….an added bonus…(I got a great price on this bike trailer because they have a newer model out-go grab one) Also, the inside straps are perfect, they tighten great and are perfect for our now 6 month old and up!

The kids had so much fun though their faces don't show it;)

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