Potty Training 101

We officially have a sweet potty trained toddler around here. I wish I could say I have a magic answer or touch but I don't. I think the key is to waiting until your little one is completely ready and it will go so smooth and be a success. While I was on maternity leave we attempted the picture above…the intense 3 day challenge…mind you Isabella was only 23 months old but was showing a lot of interest in the potty so with some encouragement from some friends we attempted it. I had the time, she seemed interested though I wasn't convinced ready and by day 2 it was very clear to me she wasn't ready.  She would hold it forever but couldn't quite figure out the whole sensation of knowing when it was time to pee. She was wanting to please and do it but she just wasn't quite there. She would always realize she needed to go 2 seconds too late. She was very successful with pooping because the sensation is different, in my opinion;) Strangely she would poop on the potty off and on from the time period to now. So on day 3 we called it quits and I decided to wait a few months and try again, but life happened I was working etc and we just hadn't had the time for me to stay around the house for 3 days so we hadn't reattempted. About 3 weeks ago she would start to say "go potty" very emotionally right after peeing in her diaper. So I would go sit her on the potty and tell her next time lets go pee pee on the potty. Fast forward a week or so and I knew it was time to give panties a go again. I am SO thankful for our attempted 3 day challenge even though it wasn't a success because I think some of the concepts from then really stuck. The whole process of peeing, wiping, washing our hands, getting an owl sticker and "tweat" i.e. M&M. I put her in panties as seen below on a Tuesday while I had the day off. We forwent library time and play dates to stay in. She honestly did great. 

Not much cuter than a tiny hiney in panties...

Because 2 are better than 1…its so hard to decide between Minnie and Sophia panties so just wear both…pumping full of juice which she never drinks ha..took all day for one;)

Just a little crafting while we stay entertained downstairs…

Anyways, we had lots of successful potty attempts that day and only 1 accident on the floor when we ventured upstairs once daddy got home…Every time she went potty one the potty we threw a huge celebration, did a little dance, sang a little song, got an owl sticker and M&M. She was so proud of herself, she would high five and run and squeal to get her sticker and treat. I knew she didn't seem ready back in October but I'm thankful for the attempt. I honestly see how the 3 day challenge would totally work if your little one is completely ready which she was this time. I haven't ventured out of the house sans at least a pull up yet….its me not her ha! She hasn't peed in her pull up for over a week now. 

The first time out of the house potty on the big girl potty at Target, of course, called for a special treat!!

She hasn't had an accident in several days, almost always wakes up from her naps dry, and occasionally wakes up from bedtime dry. When we go out and about where she is busy and playing I put her in pull ups still, but I know its almost time to let that go. She honestly refuses to potty in her diaper now…eek….there truly is a convenience to diapers…we were stuck in traffic on our way home from Ft Worth  and she whined off and on all the way home that she "needed to pee pee now"…we stopped for one potty break but I knew she really needed to poop so she whined all the way home…we made it home, she held it and peed and pooped as soon as we arrived home. Trying to juggle a 6 month old and potty breaks can be quite chaotic…there have been several I needed to "pee pee now" moments in the car but so far she has been able to hold it until we get to a potty. I frequently have to lay Cayson down on the changing table in the bathrooms (buckled in of course) while I help her…You make it work right?! So potty training is fantastic but man diapers are so convenient ha!

So my best advice and I am NO expert:

1. Wait until your little one is basically initiating going potty, talking about it, interested in it, etc.

2. Have an incentive plan in place…I found my sticker chart here and it worked wonders (my little one loves owls and stickers so it worked perfect), she also loves chocolate so 2 mini M&Ms does the trick.

3. Stock up on Clorox wipes and carpet cleaner if you have carpet because there will be a few accidents.

4. Be patient…if they aren't ready trying to push it will only end in frustration for you and them. If they don't mind if they pee on themselves then they aren't ready.

5. If they can pull up and down their own pants this is a huge help!

6. Invest in hand sanitizer…picking up your child's pee and poop and dumping it into a big toilet just makes you feel like you need to keep washing your hands:)

7. When they are successful throw a huge celebration…if they have an accident remind them that we potty on the big potty but don't get angry!

8. Invest in pull ups, panties and flushable wipes!

9. Pump them full of fluids…juice, milk, water the day of challenging:)

10. If and when they are ready because they all will be at their own time and speed you will know. Be patient, give yourself and them grace and time!

Looking back on these posts are my saving grace now with Cayson. Its how I remember how things went. I will be thankful for this in a couple years with Cayson:) For my notes….2 weeks in, Isabella is still in diapers at night and pull ups when we go out and about:)

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