Some days I am blown away by the the fact that the Lord has blessed me to be a momma. I know it is a blessing that I do not take lightly or take for granted for one second. It can be equal parts chaotic, fun, crazy and incredible. There are days I barely eat or sleep and feel that I am running on fumes but I wouldn't change it for the world and love every minute of it. Here is just a small glimpse over the last week of our chaos. Dinner for me in the playroom, dancing with Dixie (constantly telling Isabella to be gentle with the dogs-so afraid she may get bitten one day-huge fear), library time, extra cuddles before momma leaves…ALL of it..I am SO thankful!
dinner and playtime

Dancing with Dixie

Sunday mornings might be my favorite…cooking breakfast

"No bubba, mine" ha and so it begins...

Library time
Showing lovie the puppet show

Cold bananas

Little cuddles before momma heads out for girls dinner

Treat time at Target for using the big girl potty…more on this, this week:)

This boy had to learn to inch worm early because sissy moves everything so he can't reach it ha!

This girl loves to dance…"Watch this Mimi" 

Always worried about her bubba…clearly I tell her I need to put his paci in his mouth a lot haha

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