Week in review

This week flew by….I mean I only blogged once last week…flew by….lots of playtime, family time and got some really great news for one of my besties so all in all it was an incredible and blessed week...

Game changer…bubba got to sit with sissy…she was thrilled which made me excited because I wasn't sure how she would feel about sharing her favorite spot:)
He was too busy studying everything to smile for me;)

This sweet boy…he's obsessed with this toy that his sissy could have cared less about
Love this look

Her new prayer stance

Or this one;)

We had a beautiful day so Isabella insisted on a walk with her favorite things around the block

His bottom lip...

We watched Cinderella this week for the first time and she was in love…..
Mesmerized…and that poor finger our first bloody incident truly requiring a bandaid:(

This girl hasn't tried to breastfeeding any of her babies which surprised me but she will pump…this is her telling me "I pump now"

Trying to hold her phone on her shoulder 

She wanted ALL of it on!

This sweet boy joined me for a baby shower but wasn't quite himself…I think he was beyond tired….

This was him before we even pulled away! Sweet boy hasn't felt 100% either…

We hosted a Super Bowl party yesterday so I will post a few pics soon!

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