Week in review

Hello photo overload as usual. I am thankful for this blog because it gives me the chance to go back and reminisce and recap life! I love it!! This week was so fun. Thank you crazy bipolar Texas weather for the switch between shorts and fleeces…
Naptime sing songs
Bundled up
Picking out a prize for potty training is tough business

This girl unprompted posed like this when she was showing daddy her "pwitty dwess"
 We are working on a revamp dresser for dress up clothes…I can't wait to share! I love that she goes to find her daddy when she is dressed "pretty"

We had an impromptu family day off on Thursday…our sweet Gigi was having a pacemaker placed so we headed to Ft Worth to have a playdate and lunch with our Nana and Sasha then headed to the hospital to see Gigi…
My sister snagged a couple candid shots of me and Isabella in one of the bounce houses and I am in love..mommas are never in pictures
Love this boy to the moon!

It was a beautiful day and we grabbed lunch outside before heading to love on Gigi...

What brother does…Isabella does:)

This boy loves food:)

Bounce house fun at Coo Coos for Brandt's birthday..it was incredible..they even had someone to make balloon animals:)
She loved collecting her tickets haha
She will finally eat a few bites of pizza

Getting to enjoy a few minutes outside before the freeze arrived!
Daddy went to dinner so we went to Target:) Poor brother and the flower cover:)

Sunday morning puffer vests:)
1st top knot…its been a long time coming!
Happy boy!

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