Week in review

This week was crazy, insanely busy at work. I walked almost 1200 steps everyday if that tells you something…I came home exhausted most nights and am so thankful for my days off with my sweet lil ones!!

This boy turned 6 months and it was unfortunately celebrated by a MD appt and shots but he did great!

Target of course…I just love how she puts her feet up and cruises!

Sweet boy…shots are no fun!
One day we made a mall trip to grab a birthday present and had a little lunch and fun!

Ha Target twice in one week..that's normal for us;) This girl prefers the cart below…yes we had to switch mid shopping..ugh

Getting so big

Finally found glass sippy cups and Isabella was so cute she collected each of our cups and wanted a picture…bye bye plastic you are officially not allowed in our house!

1st sips of water

This happy boy!! I feel so lucky
Why wear one when you can wear 4:)

These photo shoots are my favorite…so hard to pick just one!

Sometimes I look at her and can't believe she is mine:)

Saturday was a birthday party marathon….Isabella and her sweet buddy Abby

Love your guts buddy

We went to Harlow's birthday party at Frisco Street Museum and Isabella had a blast..it was a perfect mommy/daughter afternoon…daddy and bubba stayed home to nap

Feeding her baby

Here momma

Then we grabbed an early dinner and this girl loves sitting in booster seats these days and of course lovie needed one

Ready for church

Baby Sperrys might be my favorite

Momma hold hands!

Finally got to put our Christmas presents to good use;) It was beautiful…after long naps and daddy cutting himself with a possible nail we decided a family bike ride was in order

They loved it! More on this tomorrow:)

Happy LOVE week!

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