28 months-Isabella

I can't believe how late this post is…I've been working on it but kept forgetting to see how tall you were so never posted it….whelp it will just be posted sans height. I got your weight only because you were standing and playing on the scale one morning. I do think you went through a growth spurt this month as you seem taller and leaner to me:)

You are just turning into the cutest little human being ever! I just adore you. Your giggle is incredible, so contagious! You decided it was time to potty train. It  was super easy because you were so ready. You cheer for yourself, give high fives, sing songs every time you go still. You are now in panties all day except a pull up at night and its more for mommy (changing sheets sounds painful) though you wake up dry 90% of the time now:)

You have started a new shy thing where you are shy for about 30 minutes when we go places like birthday parties etc. Another sign your sweet personality is probably going to be a lot like your mommas. You are still super social you just take a few more minutes to warm up!

You will now say "bye bye tawget-ano and ceekie" basically wanting to shop and get milk and cookies:) I can't blame you! I love it too! You are just like your momma and like to be on the go. If we've been stuck inside all day you will say "go bye, bye." I totally feel ya girl! You love to "wide" behind momma's bike…we do it as often as the weather allows!

You are currently obsessed with "Webo" and "Caws." We watch one of them almost everyday. I always debate about how much TV you watch but I truly feel that we have a good balance. We spend far more time playing etc than we do watching TV. I actually see you learning as you watch some shows. I really like Super Why because you actually intently watch and answer the questions they ask now…it is adorable!

I simply adore you my sweet Izzayella!!

Weight:  24.4 lbs  (15%ile)

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 6-7

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: 2% milk, still loving pouches-thank goodness

Milestones:  learning your letters, numbers and colors slowly:)

Shots today: None

Becoming the cutest girl I know:)

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