7 months-Cayson

Oh my sweet boy, I feel like I blinked and you were 7 months. Time flies at an exponential rate with you, I thought it flew with Isabella but it flies even faster with you. I feel like you wake up bigger everyday. You are an army crawling, fast moving, "talkative," smiley boy! 

You truly are so smiley. You are either smiling or crying I tell people, ha. You don't have an in between:) You have gotten less cranky; though, you look like you are cutting your 4 top teeth so we are starting down probably a rough few weeks. Cutting teeth messes with your sleep and you already love to be held and that just gets exponentially more when you are teething. I see lots of cuddles in our future and I can't complain.

You are the best, fastest army crawler…I don't remember your sister army crawling quite like you. It is so true that EVERY kid is different. Everything that I think I should expect is so different with you. I can tell you are both going to have very different personalities. I think you are your daddy's twin and sissy is mine, personality wise anyways;) 

You have decided you LOVE food. You cry between bites now if I can't get it in fast enough! it cracks us up. You basically want it shoveled in. It is really funny:) I have to worry about overfeeding you and I had to worry about your sissy eating enough. 

Your schedule has changed a little, a little more predictable with 2-3 pretty regular naps a day:

3-5:00 am-nurse
8 am wake up
8:30-nurse, food, play
3:30-nurse, play
4-5-sleep (this nap is hit or miss depending on the day)
6-nurse, dinner food, play

Your smile makes my heart skip a beat!

Weight:  16 lbs
Length:  27 in 
Head: 16.75 in

Diapers: Size 2 (ordered 3 for next month)
Longest stretch of sleep: 9 hrs 42 min
Clothes size:  6-9 months, 9 months
Shoe size: 2

1sts: road trip, lots of new foods 

Teeth: 2 (#3 is almost through)

Milestones: army crawling, sitting from laying down, pulling up to knees

Shots today: none yay!

Happy 7 months!

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