Southbound and down

This past weekend we headed south to Houston to see some sweet friends. When we heard snow was coming we decided to rush out trying to beat it and whelp…we did not….2 hours later we were barely squeaking out of Dallas…I think everyone had our same thought….the roads weren't terrible but too many cars on a slightly slippery road=no bueno.  One quick stop to let a sweet toddler potty on our portable potty (thank goodness I grabbed it) in a parking lot and feeding a cranky baby we made it….there may have been a few glances between my hubby and I as we both secretly asked ourselves "what were we thinking?" A newly potty trained toddler makes for an interesting 6 hour road trip but she did great…rest stops and 1 too many nasty gas station bathrooms later we made it:) We both desperately needed this trip so we made the trek...
Grabbing a few last minute items at nothing other than Target of course before we headed out…snacks, flushable wipes..ya know the necessities:)
This was our first hour…they did great…it was the 2nd that wasn't so great…eek

At least he woke up happy…this mirror has gotten a sufficient cleaning after these photos;)

we made it…with just a few rough moments…these 2 were honestly troopers!

Love them!!
We grabbed a quick dinner at one of our go to Mexican food places in Katy Friday night with Kristin and Madeline:) Despite a long drive and long wait these kiddos did incredible!!

Saturday we debated the Houston Rodeo and parade but it was a little chilly so we opted for the Aquarium…Isabella is currently REALLY into Nemo or "Webo" as she called it so we thought it would be perfect…
Saturday morning spanish Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..the best we could do:)

Sweet little buddies

Not sure about the sting rays

She's also really into "choo choos" as you can tell

Train selfie with these sweet girls

Delicious lunch at the aquarium

Family selfie…Dennis was a trooper putting up with all our girl talk and kid time….my sweet man of few words sometimes was incredible:)

Quick carousel ride

Checking out the fish with daddy…she breezed through too busy to stop for too long!

They were suppose to be packing up and getting in the car and we rode by on the train to see this…it was adorable…daddy and bubba caricature:)
Ha the beard, head and face….haha...

This boy has my heart:)

Such an incredibly fun, whirlwind of a day:) My arms were sore:)

Reading books at the hotel:)

We headed to the Evan's for dinner and to meet baby Easton…of course I didn't snap any pics I was busy enjoying the kiddos, dealing with a somewhat constipated/confused potty trained child and a sweet baby:)
We stopped by Trader Joe's before heading to the Evan's and I finally tried these…I should not have purchased them…they are as amazing as people say they are:)

Headed home…he napped or cried the majority of the way:)

This girl laughed, whined, or looked for moo cows the majority of the way...

and of course this happened 30 minutes from home…ps her straps were fine I swear then she falls asleep and they aren't fine…ugh car seats:(
She was SO excited to make it home to her toys! That hair, that belly, those shoes..I am in love! Now sans diapers all her pants are huge!!!!
Life feels like survival of the fittest some days with 2, 2 and under:)

Goodbyes are never fun:( Sweet friend kisses

Excited to see we didn't miss all the pretty ice/snow in Dallas:)

It was such a fun and blessed weekend. It was chaotic, crazy and so incredibly fun! I adore my sweet Kristin…her friendship to me is unfailing and never changing. We have been friends since we were babies and though we haven't lived in the same city since kindergarden, it feels like we have lived close our whole lives! She gets me and loves me right where I am at, EVERY time! And the Evans...SO much fun!! They made everything about our wedding a dream and we are so thankful for them and their sweet family…all in all an incredible and much needed weekend!

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