Week in review

We had another Icemageddan/Snowmeggedan in Dallas this week…we tried to stay entertained, finally snuck out for a Target trip, and unsuccessfully tried to get out of town before the real snow hit on Friday! 
Going for a walk in the "Snow"
Even Isabella was itching to go "bye, bye"…she had her bags and her car ready!

"Bye bye to Tawget for ceekie and ano" aka milk and cookie!

Isabella likes to have him sit here:) Looking too grown up!

Adorable puffer vest kids

She demanded getting to ready her "bunny" book in the freezing weather!

1st top knot….blurry because she is too busy!

Loving this alphabet bus from her auntie Melissa:)

Her "Pwize" for potty training..Melissa & Doug reusable sticker books are a must:)

Our venture out after most of the ice melted for a Chick fil A lunch at Target!:)

Thankful for our playroom..

Poor guy…I have one hand holding him up here and one hand helping sissy potty these days…eek..life of a potty trained toddler with a baby!
Yay for being out of the house!

this boy is sitting from laying down…too much, too fast:(

Helping daddy cook...

"mommy cheese"

Getting to meet baby Xander

We enjoyed my 4 day weekend with a quick trip to Houston more on that soon!

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