Week in review

We had such a fun week…several fun play dates…the weather was mostly lousy and we are dreaming of Spring!!
Adorable little Reid…and Isabella will finally eat pizza:)

These two boys…so sweet. only 5 weeks apart!

And these two only weeks apart!

They played so good together
So thankful for sweet friends and play dates…we had planned to go to the Frisco Play museum but thanks to rain and spring break it was a 2 hour wait so we improvised and had a blast:)

Wearing an outfit his cousin Holt wore!

Tooth #3 is in…my kiddos strangely get this tooth after the bottom 2! So weird. His top 2 teeth look like they are right behind it!

"I wead momma"

Love him!

Extra attention and freedom when sissy naps!

These two…so bummed about the lighting in these but they were too cute

and so bummed this is blurry..I really should grab my camera more and not just my phone!

This boy decided he could pull up…made me panic bc he could easily flip out….

So this shenanigans occured

Meeting the Morgan's at The Coop..this girl is so shy when we first get places and then has a blast…more proof that she has my personality

This hand over the mouth laugh gets me every time.


Playing peek a boo with kids at the other table

Sweet friend hugs


Sweet Ella!

Choo choos

It was so beautiful we had to get outside after nap

Yep he loves this!! This is the end of our rides when he needs a nap!

Paying our dinner bill!
mimi lets her have input on her clothes choices…the outfits I come home to are often interesting and I love it!! This is her current favorite tutu!

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