Week in review

This week was a roller coaster….the weather was glorious, my first week back to work 5 days and a little scare with our sweetie Holtie! I am SO incredibly thankful for each beautiful, healthy day!
1st fish…he LOVED it...

1st wagon ride to the park…such a big boy
Watch me momma

Fun with Noah's ark at Mimi's house

First time riding in the big kid kart with sissy…not sure it will happen again for awhile…sissy hates when you touch her so there was too much arguing ha!

Celebrating Holt's good results with family

Isabella taking pictures 

Too big, too fast
NO nap=extra cuddles

Being silly!

"big webo and wittle webo"

This girl requires all these stuffed animals for bedtime and knows if any of them are missing

My favorite!! Bedtime cuddles!

Wanting to push bubba

wook at me momma

This girl Loves the outdoors

I push the school bus!

Ready for the beautiful weekend!

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  1. Kari was the same way with her stuffed animals at bedtime and nap time. She would also put things out in the hallway if they did not belong in her room. We would put her to bed and then hear her door open and close and see toys in the hallway that belonged in the play room. LOL