Weekend wrap up

I had so many photos I had to split up the week. This weekend was so much fun. We had a really fun, memory filled Saturday with my family celebrating our sweet Heather's birthday. This brings back so many memories of when we were little….Bike ride, pizza lunch, feeding the ducks…making memories!

Ready to ride
We made it! Love my big family
SO incredibly blessed and thankful for my family

This girl LOVES ducks

Pulling an extra 50 lbs. Great workout. Best investment so far
These 2. I am so smitten

This boy

Beautiful birthday girl

1st avocado…he was in love

He started throwing his head back when he's happy and it makes me smile!

Impromptu dinner with the Laitinen's after small group

These 2 are SO incredibly sweet together. Only days apart in age!

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