29 months-Isabella

Oh my incredibly sweet Isabella! I cannot believe next month you will be 2.5 yrs old. You are truly my best little buddy. You bring my life more joy and love than I could ever imagine.

You have become so polite and will say thank you, please and yes ma'am completely unprompted. I am so glad you are saying thank you again, you went through a period of saying it then wouldn't say it again for a while!

I feel like you went through a growth spurt this past 2 months in height mostly. I keep ordering you 2T clothes and then always regret it because they are too big. I think you are going to have long legs like your momma the length of pants seems to be where you outgrow things! All of your shorts from last summer still fit especially since you are out of diapers...

Speaking of diapers you are 100% potty trained. I slowly put you in panties for naps and bedtime and you haven't had an accident in your crib yet. I can't take any credit it has been all you. I love little hineys in panties! Makes me smile.

Not a whole lot changed this month besides your language just increasing all the time. You are pretty good with a lot of your numbers, colors and letters. You won't count out loud and I think it's because you have a hard time saying 3 but you correctly told me you had 5 Minnie's the other day.

You are starting to realize that maybe Cayson will be/is fun to play with. You have gotten so much better at sharing though we still have our moments and a few off limit items including lovie and Minnies.

Your curls have gotten so fun and pretty. They can be unruly after bedtime and naps but mommy is learning how to help it. You are super girlie and love when I fix your hair, love nail polish and bows. When you know you look pretty you will go find daddy and say "so pwity daddy!" I love it!

You are learning to pray and say "thank you. Jesus" every night with your fingers interlocked and my heart swoons and skips a beat. I continue to pray daily that The Lord stir your heart for Him!

We LOVE you so very much Isabella

Weight:  25.4 lbs  
Height: 34.5 in
Head: …..

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 6 1/2-7

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T (though always too big)

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: 2% milk, still loving pouches-thank goodness

Milestones:  learning your letters, numbers and colors slowly:)

Shots today: None

Pray The Lord stir your affection for Him!

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