Easter 2015

There are way TOO many pictures in this post but I couldn't help it. We had an incredible Easter weekend with family. Saturday was beautiful and we enjoyed a fun carnival with the McDonald/Martin's-Isabella rode her first pony, actually loved the petting zoo, and was mesmerized by the helicopter egg drop. She was the perfect age this year! So fun to celebrate the holidays through her eyes. Sunday the weather didn't cooperate but she had a blast with an indoor egg hunt with the Crosby clan.
Where'd they go?! We didn't really get any eggs but we tried;) thankful Lexi shared with her!

Testing the swing set to see if we need one!


Crafty time

Such good big cousins!

Choo, choo!

Ha she loved it!

Pretty obsessed with their Easter basket items this year:)

Don't tell anyone I let them wear their shoes before Easter;)
"It pinched me momma"

These photo shoots are my favorite…SO entertaining…"bubba no get my dwess"

Little fingers and her gladiators;)

Girls…sweet Cayson and Holt are way outnumbered!

She loved putting "eggs in her Easter basket"

her loot! SHe loved the "balls" that were really whopper eggs;)

Coloring eggs

This picture…Uh mazing is all I can say..Isabella was not feeling a photo at the moment!

Noelle reading us the Easter story! Thank you Jesus!

Sign of a fun weekend

Crafty time

Big boy!

My cuddle buddy
Trying out all her Easter gifts!
Ready for bed in the Easter PJs

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