Video overload

I haven't done one of these in over a year but I have several videos I need to put out on this space because I just love them. I totally understand watching videos aren't near as exciting as they are for the parents but I need to savor these moments…they are so fleeting and going too fast!

Army crawling: I don't remember this phase with Isabella all that well, I think she went straight to crawling but poor Cayson had to learn to do this early because Isabella would move toys out of his reach so he had to inch worm to get them!

Isabella run: this is the best depiction I could get for Isabella's current run. I love the way she high knees and swings her little arms..thanks for the PJs Jaimee;)

Easter hunt: Isabella was so cute this year and was so excited about her "balls" though they were Whopper eggs that she was later disappointed melted in her hands

Sibling fun: So fun to watch this cute little frienship grow…they both (despite parent request) love to bouncy on the couch 

After bath giggles: More sibling fun and giggles after bath time

Water table: One of our best investments…Cayson loves it too obviously

Isabella language: I love the way she says "hipcups"

Isabella singing: I'm not sure what they sang at church this Sunday but she sang this for 1.5 hours rather than nap and "sang" it all week…wish I knew what it was ha!
these are just a few of the 149 videos on my phone currently…eek what to do with all these photos and videos!

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