Week in review

Just another week flown by….thanks to the hubs getting food poising and a crazy lightning and thunder storm I am literally running on 2 hours of sleep today…I had that exhausted headache all day. Thankful I took a nap Sunday or I may not have survived my busy day…we had a great week and weekend...
Sweet smiley boy and moody sissy after nap ha!
A look at teenager years…I am already dreading it

This sweet boy is SO cuddly he even cuddles the bumper pad:)

Cruisin to the park

She was straight up lounging….ha

"My buddy, my buddy, wherever he goes, I go"
I made it to the gym this week for the first time in I think 15 months….I've honestly feared the gym childcare and feel like I'm already away from my kids enough with work that I don't want to do it more but once the gym started charging me again I felt like I should go…Isabella had SO much fun…both times I peeked in she was playing with another older girl (her favorite) and Cayson was perfectly content being held! SO thankful. Maybe I'll attempt it again before 15 months;)

Getting to enjoy the gorgeous weather

The perfect oversized playpen!! She loves for "bubba to bounce bounce" now! Finally realizing she can have fun playing WITH him!

Friday night we had some friends for dinner…poor things got stuck in traffic but we entertained ourselves:)
Helping mommy clean, clean!
Enjoying her "ceekie tweat" from momma's work

Sleeping babies will get me every time!
Feeding lovie her bottle!

Mom fail confession: Saturday we had sweet Emery & Everett's birthday party at the park…Isabella was so excited all morning waiting for me by the door to "Huwwy momma." When we got there it took her, her usual few minutes to warm up but she just never quite got it all together…I was so frustrated and confused. She can be moody on occasion but this was totally unlike her. I was looking back at pictures and reflecting on the whole day...

Sweet BFFs

A little boy pushed her down the slide shortly after this picture and my sweet Isabella is so sensitive it didn't register to me that she was more upset about it than she instantly showed. She took a minute afterwards, I even tried a quick time out reset that usually works but not so this day. She finally was having so much fun and another little boy shoved her off a seesaw…Looking back I'm just sad I didn't pick up on why she was so out of sorts while we were there..I kept racking my brain while we were there and it hit me after….gosh this parenting thing can be so hard. I hugged her super tight and felt myself apologizing over and over again and I know I will fail her more than once and for that I am sad. I am thankful for grace, forgiveness and a second chance. Eek…love you my sweet, spunky, sensitive girl!

Sweet Grey LOVES babies…good thing since she will have 2 sweet siblings soon!

Sweet little friends...

These two and their personalities are perfection!

Ladies man!
OH amazing!

Small group fun!

Please never grow up my cuddle bug!

She wanted brother to join her photo shoot but he did not ha!

Happy Monday!

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