Week in review

The weeks are just flying these days….M-F seems to drag but Saturday and Sunday fly ha! We had a little tough week a little stomach bug hit daddy and Isabella..thankfully Bubba and I stayed well but it took all week to really recover..we had wonderful weekend with our first pool party of the season, "family day" on Sunday and an attempted photo shoot-though neither child was really interested!
Only way I can get anything done while this one is awake..he wants to be held every minute he is awake;)

She thought it was SO funny to carry all her Minnies

Playing hide and seek her new favorite..you would never find her though;)

Peek a boo

Bath time at Mimi's these 2 love bath time...

We met auntie Hannah at the Galleria and had SO much fun!
Finally getting balloon time while sissy naps

I will never ever tire of this!
Water table fun

Watching the lawn men mow the yard is so entertaining!

The first thing she wanted after recovering…ceekies!! Didn't even know we had these…she of course found them left over from a party we had!
Finally eating bananas

Smiley boy

Pigtails and her favorite game!

still recovering, wanting lots of cuddles but finally wanted outside

Dinner after photos

SO many teeth

BIg boy jammies!

She was SO excited about swimming

Matching suits from Smocked Threads

Daddy's girl

Family shopping…this never happens!

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  1. So much cuteness! I totally agree, the weekends fly by - if only we could slow time down a bit. Lovely family - God Bless!