Week in Review

It was a crazy busy week…2 workish dinners, 1st swim lessons, gender reveal party…so thankful for busy days and rest days!
This girl is SO silly!

Pretending to not let me take her picture

Trampoline fun is the best fun

Her new favorite thing…playing with ice

First swim lesson….she wasn't so sure at first but then loved it!

First time to get to ride in one of these:) She was in heaven and now I am in trouble. thankfully we rarely go to Kroger…we leave that to daddy;) We are Target girls!

Her after swim lesson treat for being so good!

Attempting to capture his shirt for Earth day this week….that double chin:) It was too bright!


I had a work dinner to promote PediaQ and met an old Mavericks assistant coach:)
PediaQ dinner fun

Got this adorable picture from Aunt Hannah while I was gone!

Cuddles before mommy heads to dinner #2

Some Popi Qtime!

Her new favorite thing is Hide and seek..the best!

This smiley boy steals my heart!

He's SO, SO busy…ALL boy!

Our weekend was equally fun and busy!

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