30 months-Isabella

My sweet, hilarious Isabella how in the world are you officially 2.5 years old. I just cannot wrap my mind around it! I seriously feel as though I was just pregnant with you! I remember all those sweet moments feeling you kick inside my tummy like they were yesterday.

You are truly the light of my life. You bring a smile to my face and stress to my heart. You have a personality to match that giggle and smile. you challenge me as a mommy. i pray daily for direction and how best to parent and direct you. You have a HUGE personality and I can't wait to see it continue to grow and flourish.

You still have your 2 yr old moments but most often respond to time outs. Spanking still does not work for you but you hate time outs. You will still pat me and say "sowwy mommy" after your time outs. You have finally gotten to where you will also apologize to "bubby" if the reason you were in timeout is because you didn't share with him or "accidently" kicked him. I was not prepared for how many times I would have to say "do not kick your brother" or translation now "do NOT touch your brother with your feet." It is usually when you are just so excited and playing that your feet go crazy, very rarely that you are actually upset and wanting to really kick or hurt him.

You love that brother can some what play with you now…you love when he crawls like crazy and play like he is chasing you…be still my heart. You guys are going to be so much fun together.

You are a talking queen, some of my new favorites are you will almost always answer a question with "Uhhhh….." then-no, otay, pease. It is adorable and you do it every time.  Uhh otay…uuuh no. "I sowwy mommy," and you almost always follow Pease with otay as to ask permission and give permission at the same time ha! "Pease otay." "See u water awigator" You say yucky like "yuggy" which might be my favorite of all time.  "Di-sore"-dinosaur.  "mommy's waffle"-mommy's wallet

You are the perfect nurse…so compassionate and very attentive to everyone's boo-boos even if it is just a "fackle"-freckle;)

You have become deathly afraid of bugs this month…it is crazy, adorable and ridiculous all at the same time…you say no less than a dozen times a day "Yuggy bug" and run and jump in our arms… thanks rain bringing in more bugs than I could imagine- we are constantly playing referee with bugs. You also still hate grass on your toes and must have shoes on.

We started swimming lessons finally this month and you have LOVED them….you are a little fish and picking it up like crazy. Thank goodness since summer will be here soon!

2.5 year donut from daddy

I asked you to smile with your teeth:)

Weight:  25 lbs (17%)
Height: 36 in (57%)
Head: 18.8 in (45%)

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-8ish am

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T (though always too big), thankful all of your shorts from last summer fit yippee;)

Teeth: 18, officially have 2 of your 2 year molars:) 
You say your teeth don't hurt I just noticed you seem to drool more with these two molars!

Eating: 2% milk, still loving pouches-thank goodness…you have a sophisticated palate thanks to your daddy…some of your favorites include salmon, chicken, steak, hearts of palm, berries

Milestones:  learning your letters, numbers and colors slowly:)

Shots today: Just a Hgb check 14.8….no iron for you:) So glad!

Pray The Lord stir your affection for Him!

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