9 months-Cayson

My sweet smiley boy…9 months have flown by faster than I was prepared for…I knew it would go fast but my heart was not prepared for quite how fast it has flown….

You absolutely LOVE to eat…it is incredible how much food you can put away. You eat more than me and by far bypass your sister. I feel like I can't fill you up. You love pretty much anything I feed you. You are doing table foods way faster than I was prepared for but you have been SO ready and have done great. You pretty much eat everything except eggs and peanut butter. I'm too chicken to try those….maybe in a few more months….

You are finally sleeping like a champ…You are a serious wiggle worm like your sissy and mommy. You will often wake up wimper, roll over, find your paci, and fall back to sleep. I dropped your 5 am feed this month in preparation for mommy and daddy going out of town. It only took 2 days..the first night I went up and held you and rocked you but didn't feed you and the second night I went up patted you and put your paci in. You have done great you wake on occasion at 5 am and cry for a second then fall back to sleep.

Speaking of out of town mommy and daddy had to go out of town for wedding, leaving you for the first time. You did incredible despite having a little cold. You stayed with Mimi and Popi and had a blast and slept like a champ. Thank goodness for iPhones and FaceTime we both survived. 

You are SO spoiled and hate to be put down. You will cry, like crocodile tears when I put you down so I can't get anything done. It makes doing anything impossible. You officially have 7 teeth and I am not convinced you are done for now…crazy, this has made breastfeeding interesting and somedays I'm not sure how much longer we will last! You have started saying "da da" though it isn't quite "dada" yet. I am REALLY working on "mama";)

Your schedule has changed a bit with the dropping of the 5 am feeding!
7-8 am wake up (now that 5 am feed is weaned)
8-8:30-nurse, food, play
12:30-nurse, play
3:30-nurse, play
6-nurse, dinner food, play
7-bath, bedtime

Weight:  17 lbs 12 oz (16%ile)
Length:  28 in (30%ile)
Head: 17.3 in (18%ile)

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 12 hrs 41 min
Clothes size:  6-9 months, 9 months
Shoe size: 2-3

1sts: Easter 

Teeth: 7

Milestones: crawling, pulling to stand, standing 10 seconds

Shots today: Hepatitis B, Hgb 11.4

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