Happy Nurse's Week

Isabella is absolutely obsessed with playing nurse these days…if she sees anything (including a freckle) that could remotely resemble a boo boo she will bring you an "Elsa" aka bandaid…She is too sweet. She likes to use the otoscope and look for butterflies in your ears, fix your fingers (clip fingernails), listen to your heart beep, beep…its pretty much adorable.

The profession of nursing is like no other. The sacrifice that nurses make is like nothing I've ever seen. They hurt when patients hurt, they stay tough for families even when they are struggling inside, the wipe away kids tears and often parents tears, the do things that are painful reminding themselves that it is making their patients better, they often leave work emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted…They are truly some of the best people I have ever met. They give and give and give all day, everyday! Hug those nurses people…I am proud to be one and thankful for them all..

Happy, happy nurse's week from my lil ones

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