Memorial day weekend

We had such a fun weekend with several cookouts, lots of friends, good food and good fun! The weather in Texas is NOT cooperating but we made the best of it. Isabella fell asleep on the couch this morning shortly after she woke up for the first time in her 2.5 years of life that she has ever fallen asleep besides in her crib or in her car seat….thats a sign of a good weekend ha!
Friday errands:)
Saturday morning errands with momma…started with Costco snacks

A little mommy, mini and Minnie pedicures
Busy boy

Fissin mommy's new necklace

Little buddies
Playing doctor...

Worn out

Festive treats

Checkin out the fish

Car naps for the win

Church naps for the win..ha thankful for easy nappers!

Elsa, Anna and Repunzel

My little ones
Helping mommy

Sunday cook out snacks! The only pic I got ha!

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

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