Mother's day

    Mother's day wasn't like our usual though it was also the best..I got to arrive home after 3 days away from my babies. Isabella came to the airport to wake me up and she was SO excited to see me she had adorable happy, tears in her eyes when I got there. Her sweet personality is JUST like her momma's…super, super sensitive….almost to a fault!
Oh how I missed this booger!

Showing off her new head band from NOLO

This girl…I just can't get enough

I told more than one person I was worried our fence was down…weird intuition but it was. Not what we wanted to come home to. 

Spagetti face


My incredible, selfless mommy

"daddy hind me" aka behind

SO excited daddy was home…incredibly long story but mommy flew home and daddy drove home..NO I was NOT happy about this!

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