10 Months-Cayson

Oh sweet buddy I am overwhelmed by the fact that you are SO close to 1. I just can't even handle it. I want to just freeze time for a year and keep you little. I thought your sister was smiley but I think you have even 1 upped her ha! You have this adorable go to open mouth HUGE grin…it is swoon worthy. People comment on how smiley you are regularly. I am SO thankful to be past those colic months and be here now:)

You are such a sweet baby. Nursing has finally gotten better again and you aren't quite so distracted and disinterested, so thankful for that. My goal is to at least make it a year, 2 months to go. You are a cute little stocky thing. Not overly huge on the growth charts but you put your sister to shame. You are only 7 pounds behind her ha! 

You are ALL boy. I thought your sister was busy but you take busy to a whole different level. You have shown me how different boys and girls truly are. You get into EVERYTHING. I have to move things off the book shelves etc that your sister never even noticed! It's crazy how different you two are but so similar at the same time!

You are a cruising man these days…You get where you want and fast. You have triumphed the stairs and can make it up in less than 1 minute flat. It is incredible really! You will be walking Oh so soon…I think as soon as you figure out the coordination you will be off and running. 

Not much has changed this month for your schedule.
7-7:30 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, food, play
12:30-nurse, play
2-4-sleep (pushed it back to 2 so you and sissy nap together)
4:00-nurse, play
6-dinner food, play
7-nurse, bath, bedtime

Busy boy and a cranky sissy haha

Weight:  18 lbs (10 %ile)
Length:  28.5 in (50 %ile)
Head: ……..

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours
Clothes size:  9-12 months
Shoe size: 3

1sts: Memorial Day

Teeth: 7

Milestones: Cruising, climbing stairs

Shots today: None

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