31 months Isabella

Oh my sweet baby girl! I swear you are just exploding with language, personality and energy these days. Your imagination is so fun and crazy! You love to play pretend, fix boo-boos, make food, drive cars, go to the store, its SO fun!

You fall more and more in love with your "bubba" every day, you are such a good big sister and SO protective. If someone comes to play with him you run up and say "my Cayson." You also love to hug him aka choke hold him and kiss him.

You say "I miss you momma" when I get home from work every time now and it makes my heart swoon. You talk about daddy when he's gone and we talk about what mommy does so when we FaceTime  now when I'm at work you say "you take care of babies momma" I love it! Being a working momma is tough and I am so thankful with how well you handle it most days. 3 days a week is SO much better for all of us.

Some of my new favorite things you say "oh big yawn momma, you tired momma." When I explain that you have to follow the rules and I'm the boss you say  "no I da boss." You have gone from calling yourself "yaya" to "Izayella." I love to hear how you pronounce your name changes.

You have become the master negotiator. You always say "no 5 minutes" when its bedtime or nap time. You have learned to procrastinate especially at nap times requiring that we often do the full bedtime routine before going to bed. You have added needing water to the bedtime routine. It is so sweet, adorable, and manipulative;)

You have become obsessed with ballet. Watching your cousin go to ballet every week has you obsessed. You "Do bow yay" all day everyday. You are doing swim lessons again this summer and we plan to let you do "Bow yay" in the fall. I'm not sure I'm ready for tutus and recitals but you are, so I guess I must embrace it. I also think you would love, love gymnastics-you monkey climb and hang on everything. Speaking of swimming lessons, you are an awesome swimmer though you cry pretty much through most classes. I'm hoping you get past the fear of it all soon! You do great until you have to swim with your face under water. You swim at least 10 seconds under water and cry every time after though you do it effortlessly.

You are pretty set on your schedule you sleep 8-8ish and nap 2-4ish:)

Weight:  25 lbs
Height: 36 in 
Head: 19 in

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-8ish am

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T (though always too big), thankful all of your shorts from last summer fit yippee;)

Teeth: 18

Eating: 2% milk, still loving pouches-thank goodness…you have a sophisticated palate thanks to your daddy…some of your favorites include salmon, chicken, steak, hearts of palm, berries

Milestones:  You know almost all your letters and can singish the alphabet and count 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, ha!, swimming 10 seconds under water

Shots today: None

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