Perfect pair...

This weekend we threw a "Surprise" Perfect Pair themed family shower for one of my besties. It was a surprise at least up to 2 hours before haha…it all turned out perfect. We all talked about later what a special evening it was…these girls have been my friends since high school and its been truly incredible to watch us all stay so close and watch our families grow through lots of trials, joys and heart aches. SO incredibly thankful for these friendships. These sweet twins coming in the next 6 weeks….eek can't believe it is so close, are such little miracles and we just can't wait to meet them. Jaimee is crazy (Jen and I think so anyways) and doesn't know the gender so we took a little vote…I'm still on the fence but I voted boys:) We do know they are identical so I have a 50/50 shot which is better than just a 25% chance of being right:) I didn't take near enough photos and didn't even have a chance to actually grab my camera…thats what happens with two sweet babies and staying busy...

The table set up
Absolutely adore the names…can't wait to find out!! I think the vote was heavier at the end of the night for girls...

Delicious fajitas the hubs whipped up…so thankful for a partner who loves to host as much as me:)

Pear, brie, walnut, honey bites…yum!
The toddler oasis
These kids….adore them!
This blonde boy is a dream!

And the details for me:):
Invites: Etsy
Banners: DIY
Milk glass: Magnolia market
Fabric banner: 3 yards of each fabric, shredded in two inch strips and looped on the string:)
Onesies: Zulily (these drove the theme)
Jade cake stand: Zulily
Chalkboard: Restoration hardware baby
Kiddie pools: Target
Kid picnic table: Amazon
Outdoor kid white chairs and high chair: Ikea