Week in review

Last week was my first week finally back to working only 3 days a week and it was indescribably wonderful. It was just what I needed and the perfect timing. Being a working momma is tough business and I applaud every woman who does so. It is a challenge to do so many jobs well…wife, momma, career. It feels as though one has to give sometimes when the others take and over the last 9 weeks my job has taken far more from me than I have ever desired. My first job is to be a good momma and wife and my career in my opinion is second. i love my job but I love my family more. Phew….hello 3 days…better balance, more time to play and more time to relaxish-kind of ;)

She was SO proud of her painting

My prayer time with her at night is oh SO sweet!
"Say cheese with my momma"

This boy…getting too big too fast:( Tear, where did my baby go!

Finally library time!
Attacked by a mosquito:(

This trampoline doubles as a giant playpen and they have SO much fun in it

He is/will eat me out of house and home ha!

Finally sunshine

Target trips of course

We were just discussing potty training with toddlers and babies days before this and I thought this picture was a must…bathroom selfie…its ALWAYS a circus with a baby and toddler and Isabella thinks that going potty at Target is SO fun….ummm nope its so much work…I think I say 100 times don't touch that…
At least I have taught her well:)

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