Week in review

The past radio silence is brought to you by a crazy busy week, weekend and life;) June is always crazy isn't it! Even work is at its craziest in June. We had several fun play dates and headed for the big Crosby annual summer get together. This time it was pretty low key at my grandma's house but it was perfect, pool time, golf cart rides, deer sightings, playing on the golf course, and lots of family and food. 

He decided he was ready to just take off for the first time….and now he is almost walking!

Love the Frisco Play street museum

She was so proud of him to haha! This will be a game changer, she will love that he can run after her! She already loves him crawling and following her everywhere!

Miss thing answering the phone and answering emails

My big, crazy smiley boy!

Swim lessons…finally a good one with no tears! She is such a good swimmer!!
My sweet cuddle bug…she always says "Tuddle mommy" usually procrastinating but I still love it!

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