Week in review

Oh sweet summertime….thanks for being so good to us. Sunshine is just SO good for my soul. I could do without the humidity but I'll take that if I can have sunshine:)
Umm..who knew Ikea could be a toddler heaven…toy section, food, fun buggies!! If you need to run to Ikea it isn't so bad with 2 kiddos in tow:) We had so many errands to run my day off and we made running in the puddles quite fun!
They even have kid tables with TVs in the food court
She is obsessed with Elsa braids these days….and it has to be 2 not 1!
This smiley boy is my have!

He is Obsessed with watermelon and bananas!

We watched Isabella's boyfriend Derek and they had a blast…they play SO good together. They are only a week apart…I got a glimpse of some of the benefits of twins when they are a bit older…they entertained themselves so well!
Lunch date
Fixing their cars

Movie date!! Love how Derek is lounging

Cuddling lovie away from the rain;)

Library time!
Watching "Seeping Booty" for the 100th time

Elsa braids

This is what all the bath colors does to bath water!
She thinks she needs a dark chocolate before bath every night:)

Father's day family fun
This boy loves his water bottle:)
My love!!
Ummm this is Mimi but could pass as Isabella!

Cruising for girl's time

Someone discovered she can do kiss marks..be still my heart! 

Being a parent is the best thing in the world!