Weekend wrap up

This past weekend the hubs took care of our little ones so I could embark on a girl's day trip to Waco….we started with 8 and it slowly dwindled to 4…life with kids and crazy schedules….but we had such a blast. Close to half of our group are Baylor Bears and/or huge fans of Fixer Upper so we had so much fun shopping and reminiscing. We started our morning with a venti Starbucks and a quick easy drive down south, stopping for kolaches in West of course. Then on to Magnolia market, it was smaller than we all expected but we honestly wanted to buy 1 of everything in it. We drove by the silos hoping to see Chip and Joanna but had no luck. Then on to shop at Spice, lunch at Ninfas, coffee at Common grounds, book store and Baylor Bear visit. Kaiti and Michelle had no idea there was a real bear on campus;) A quick drive through campus and a stop by the football fields….man it was so fun, much needed for this girl's soul and best part…the hubs rocked his first long day solo with the kiddos without a stress or complaint:) Yay I think that means we must do it again soon!

Ninfarita…as good as I remember

Silos…can't wait to come back and shop when its done

Converted BU fan

Mesmerized by the bear

Bear selfie

Mmmmm Pig Swig

Common Grounds….heaven!

Magnolia market


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