11 months-Cayson

My sweet smiley boy! Where have the last 11 months gone. The thought that you are almost one is too much for me to fathom. I feel like I blinked and the year is gone.

You are my sweet busy boy…you keep me on my toes, I can't take my eyes off of you for a second and you aren't a fan of sitting still…never have been. You are the fastest crawler…and go straight for the dog bowls any chance you see the laundry room door open…

You are officially WALKING….you took your first steps at 10.5 months randomly and get more and more confident every day. The most steps you have taken were 10 in a row. You walk the best upstairs on the carpet since the threat of falling would hurt less I guess:) I truly think you are so much happier now that you can be mobile. You have wanted to keep up with your sister so bad and you can almost do just that.

You are an eating fool. You will eat any and everything I give you. You have your preferences for sure but if not given choices you will eat anything. I think you might eat us out of house and home;) You out eat your sister for sure and almost me. 

You are the sweetest, most cuddly boy and it makes this momma heart melt. I absolutely adore your cuddles and slobbery kisses. You love to be tickled and giggle so much.  You still hate getting your diaper changed or clothes on, hopefully that gets better soon;) You love bath time and pool time, basically you LOVE water. You even love to drink from your water bottle and have rocked the sippy cup. You absolutely love your paci now and have 1 or 3 with you at all times;) I'll probably wait a few more months to take that away.

We weaned your Prevacid and you've done pretty well with an occasional issue but so far so good. 

Not much has changed this month for your schedule.
7-7:30 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, food, play
12:30-nurse, play
2-4-sleep (pushed it back to 2 so you and sissy nap together)
4:00-nurse, play
6-dinner food, play
7-nurse, bath, bedtime

Weight:  19.2 lbs 
Length:  29 in 
Head: ……..

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours
Clothes size:  9-12 months
Shoe size: 3

1sts: steps

Teeth: 8

Milestones: Walking, babbling

Shots today: None

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