Isabella 32 months

Sweet precious girl how are you almost 3….I can't even believe it…I feel as though I was just waddling around miserably carrying your breech self around;) You are exactly what I imagined you would be after all that crazy movement in my belly and the stubbornness yet smartness that kept you breech all those months…

Your personality is contagious and I adore it….so many people have said I should start writing down our sweet stories so I'm going to try to remember to write them down on these posts…I've debated spacing your posts to yearly but theres just too much to still share every month…maybe at 3;)

You had several nightmares this month…broke my heart one of them you woke up crying that "wuvie all yugie" and the other that your bed was all yucky….I think I will have to watch what you see on TV…you have quite the imagination and these two nightmares I knew your imagination was running. You really wanted to watch Princess and the Frog for a whole week but it is SO scary so we deleted that one and quickly moved on to watching "Sweeping booty" everyday:) I still fast forward through the scary parts as much as possible.

We went to the zoo (actually on your 32nd month bday;)), all you really wanted to see were "Di-sores wike Dino Dan," I told you the night before that we were going so you woke up saying you didn't want to see monkeys you wanted to see di-sores…You have been obsessed with dinosaurs lately. We ended up at the Ft. Worth zoo so we will need to make a trip to the Dallas zoo with the dinosaur exhibit. Once we were there you pretty much loved every animal but especially liked the snakes because Wyatt did:) You guys were adorable buddies at the zoo…

You absolutely love creative play…you will hold my hand and tell me we are going to the doctor, sit me down, tell me you are going to give me a shot, tell me to cry, then you stroke right under my chin and say "its otay mommy, you aw better"…heart melt every time….you also will grab your purse, hop on your car and say "bye bye, see you water, have a good day"

You want to do EVERYTHING your brother does especially things he gets attention for…like starting to walk…if we clap for him you say "my turn" and then pretend to walk and fall into our arms:) It is quite precious. You will also crawl after him, you even pretended to nurse a couple times this month. 

You my dear, are just too precious for words.

You still LOVE Target. Every night I tell you if I have to work the next day or if I will be home. It helps you to know ahead of time…it's crazy how good your memory is. You will remember in the morning! So one night I said mommy will be home tomorrow and you said "yay go to Target and get cookie and no" You also love to get to pick out an "Elsa" usually in the $1 section. You are very good when I tell you not today but often if you've acted good we pick out one $1 section item for the trip. 

You are a swimming fish these days…its incredible to watch. You can swim 10 seconds under water and actually kick and have great form. When we go to the pool with friends you have a blast with your puddle jumper on. It is quite precious! You have also mastered jumping in from the side, swimming and turning to the edge and climbing up. One of the first skills they work on and I am thankful for that. 

You are absolutely obsessed with ballet still…it is adorable as well. Everything you do I think is adorable obviously. At night you will say "how bout ballet, how bout Calliou, how bout Elsa" requesting a song for each…haha your momma with no musical talent basically spells out the words or makes up something so not creative:) Other nights you will want me to kiss you "wots of times" and will say "how bout my nose, how bout my head, how bout bubba, how bout daddy"-for the latter two I just kiss the air! 

Favorite toys: At least once a day we paint, we play with your princess barbie dolls, play dress up, play with your Melissa and Doug sticker pads, you are obsessed with "maked up" and your "poorse"

You're pretty much my favorite/of all time ever/in the history of always!

Weight:  25.5 lbs
Height: 36 in 
Head: 19 in

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-8ish am

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T (though always too big),
 thankful all of your shorts from last summer fit yippee;)

Teeth: 20 (finally got your last 2 molars) 
They didn't seem to bother you, you just said "was that mommy, pointing to them"

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