Haven't done a huge video dump in a while and its time for me to off load a few of my favorites;)

Isabella loves to "Feed Bubby"…she knows the importance of "small bites" and
chew chew hubby"

"Wanna build a snowman"..this girl, the first time she did this I was so confused then we watched Frozen again and I was like oh my goodness haha

She LOVES to sing "Elsa"

She is very proud of her bird house and loves birds the other day on our way out of Target she said "Hey biwds, no mo poo poo on my pool or bounce bounce" haha
She went through all of Target telling me what she saw and this part cracks me up…it was shortly after this that she remembered I promised her in a weak moment "elsa goggles" that OF COURSE Target had and she saw!This was last week but I desperately needed to capture Cayson walking and this perfectly depicts life right now…Isabella wants to do everything Cayson does and he only wants momma when I get home!
Telling Daddy she was "so escited" for swim lessons…

This stage of memorizing books and "reading" them makes my heart swoon…I can't get enough…

Oh there are so many on my phone…272 to be exact;) These are just a few!

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