Red, white and blue review

Our 4th of July weekend was a little on a whim and go with the flow. Dennis' brother Eric came in last minute, they had a blast, we had a blast and took it a day at a time

Saturday started with a donut run thanks to Isabella's request after seeing a picture of a donut…

This boy thinks he is SO big

This photo session just cracks me up…SO typical these days…Cayson is too busy to sit still and Isabella thinks he is adorable

He was walking towards me and thanks to the sandals his crazy mom puts him in, he tripped but they both found it hilarious!

We headed to the pool, participated in a cute neighborhood parade and enjoyed some relaxation and getting to know our neighbors
Her first Ice cream truck:)

Let Freedom Ring!

This girl is a natural, I just held up my phone, she stopped, she posed, she smiled;)
"Ice ceam"
Uncle Eric and crazy kids haha

Watermelon addict

Lunch at Whiskey cake…our fave!

Parade ready

Watching her first fireworks…love this girl!

Daddy knows his girls…came home from fishing with our favorite drinks:)

I heart holidays!!!

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