Toddler outdoor oasis

With summer time in full swing here in Texas we spend SO much time outside and I finally decided we needed to stock up on outdoor gear for the kiddos. We spend so many lunches, play dates, parties, and dinners outside that it was time to be prepared. We have owned a bounce house (thanks to my incredible parents) for a few years now and I totally believe a small one with little toddlers is an incredible must have. We bust that thing out every chance we have:) We had a perfect pool last year as seen here but the hubs could not find it any where so I snatched this one up last minute at Target and it is perfect for a toddler and smaller little ones…Cayson and Isabella love it. This toddler table has already been a life saver…I love that it folds up flat for easy storage and travel. I made a trip to Ikea recently to grab some step stools and found these outdoor chair treasures and this perfect outdoor high chair that we had to have. This high chair is perfection-cheap, easy to clean and perfect for outdoors. I lugged our nice one outside several times and knew we needed a better solution so insert outdoor high char. I honestly wish I would have purchased more than one…I may be back to grab more:)

Having a kid friendly back yard and so called "toddler oasis" is a must in this Texas heat!

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