Week in review

Thanks to a friendly post on Facebook we discovered it was "National Hot dog day" so Sonic had $1 hot dogs….I can't remember the last time I had one and Cayson got to try his first….and my picky Isabella ate hers sans bun like mommy and daddy did ha!

More hot dog madness

Just some outdoor shenanigans

I always said I would not do this but then I had a kid and its the only way I can get a pedicure so we do it and Isabella LOVES it…plus it gives us mommy/daughter time so win/win in my opinion

Too much cuteness

This boy is SO busy!

Nightly swim

Outdoor painting and snack fun with this silly goose

This crazy boy is going to send us to the ER i have a feeling!

This girl cracks me and herself up!

Yep putting up dishes and found him like this!! I'm in trouble
After a friend's PJ birthday party errand running with my little helpers

Survival of the fittest around here for the next few days!

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