Week review

What a week and weekend….days seem to fly, staying busy and trying to enjoy this sweet little life with my babes! Sorry to bore people with these posts but these pics and memories have to be put somewhere;)

My little Sunday school buddy for the last month….
Umm girls dinner with some of my faves…this is the only pic I got but I have been really watching my diet and this burger was worth every calorie:)

Working is sometimes rough…coming home to these two cute faces will always be my favorite

Wedgie and Elsa braid

"I got a Elsa braid"

PS she will NOT take these flip flops or jambes off for almost 2 weeks now!!!

Zoo fun with friends…this boy is happy as long as he has food!

This girls eyes…I still can't decide what color they are…some days blue, some days grey, and in this they look green:0

LOVE this girl

Adorable buddies

My workout for the day…100 lbs of babies:)


Lunch time!

I didn't realize my flash was one but I love that he looked up to smile…he lays down and cuddles both his Wubbanubs at night..he has to have one in each hand!

Water baby

NOt a fan of cold water though
This boy is SO busy and walking these days….

$1 Target section is the bomb dot com, well maybe just Target is

Cayson's 1st ravioli was a hit;)

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