12 months-Cayson

Oh sweet Cayson boy, you are already 1 year old! I feel like I need a do-over and redo of the past year…time went exceptionally way too fast! You have challenged me and not been the super easy 2nd baby they say that they always are! Ha! I wouldn't change it for a second though. The colic, the reflux, the sleepless nights…you changed me and challenged me as a mommy!

You are such a mommy's boy, love to be held, and adore all sorts of attention. I adore that I got to "baby wear" you pretty regularly until the last few months. That was your happy place. You would sleep that way and adored being cuddled and this momma loved this! In your first year you have only been to church nursery a handful of times because I loved to wear you as you napped on my chest. You have just recently gotten "too busy" for that and I got that time with you.  You come alive in your one on one time with momma:)

You are SO busy…I find you within 2 minutes on top of tables, in the sink, eating dog food, drinking dog water, climbing the stairs….I can't take my eyes off of you even to do the breakfast dishes. You are ALL boy…you love dirt, throwing things, climbing, you will eat ANYTHING, love food, will cry at the sight of food until it is in your mouth and adore your momma. 

You are practically running these days…you took your first official steps at 10.5 months but have just within the last month walked great and are so fast now! You no longer crawl and it secretly makes me sad though makes me so happy because it is so much easier. I HATE crawling…maybe its because you and Isabella were rock star crawlers and wanted down and wanted to crawl every where we went which is gross:)

You aren't talking as much as your sissy was at this point though you have your own language and "talk" all the time! You say "dada" and "what is that?" I apparently say that a lot because your sister said that super early too. Your auntie Heather was the first one to pick up on that was what you were saying. You say it ALL the time now.

You snuck a few sips of your sissy's whole milk the last few weeks and love it. The week before your 1 year we gave you a few sippy cups of whole milk and you didn't seem to mind it and loved it. You adore your pacifier all of a sudden so we will probably be getting rid of that soon. Just as hard on mommy as you because that is taking away my sweet baby things. It is starting to affect your teeth though because you have had them so long so it is going to need to happen sooner than later!

Everything they say about being a boy mom is true and I adore it and am thankful for it!

Your schedule is the same:
7-7:30 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, food, play
12:30-nurse, play
4:00-we weaned this nursing session this month so you just get a pouch and play
6-dinner food, play
7-nurse, bath, bedtime

Your bed head is my favorite:)

Sister was not happy I wouldn't let her join our photoshoot!

Not a fan of the laying down pose ha!

Mom, come on a sticker?!

Weight:  19 lbs 11 oz (23%)
Length:  30.2 in (54%)
Head: 17.8 in (24%)

Diapers: Size 4
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours
Clothes size: 9-12; 12-18 months
Shoe size: 3

1sts: walking, saying "dada, what's that"

Teeth: 8

Milestones: Walking, babbling

Shots today: Prevnar, MMR, Varicella 
(dennis freaked out about these this month, and we just prayed extra hard:))

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