Back to school…or first day of preschool must haves...

Backpack//napmat///lunch box//sippy cup//lunch container//Lunch bots

My sweet Isabella is hitting yet another milestone, far too soon for my liking. She starts preschool next week and to drown my sorrows in the rapidness that it was flying I turned my energy into preparing her for it.

We have had discussions over "lovie"-this is her best friend for those who do not know my sweet love. Isabella wants to take her every where and show her EVERY thing. So I have been preparing her that lovie will only make her appearance for "nap time." She seems okay and convinced that this is fine. She doesn't take her to church nursery so I'm praying she will transition just fine.

Most of my preparation is making sure she has the necessities to send her off in style of course. We purchased her back pack and lunch box well over a year ago. They have been used for trips, going back and forth to Mimi's house etc. Life Factory has been huge for me…I have talked extensively about my hatred for plastic, additives etc…so insert silicone covered glass and Lunch bots for her food:) I mean this momma is in heaven. We have been using our Life Factory items and Lunch Bots for about a year and have no complaints:)

And a nap mat…this was my biggest dilemma. I knew I could make one…knew I wasn't' sure I had time for it and found several I liked and settled on the sweet one above with her monogram initials in navy blue to match her ensemble.

Happy 1st days of school and back to school!

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