Bow-yay, aka Ballet

My sweet Isabella has been begging to do what she calls "bow-yay" for months. She has a whole "bow yay" routine she shows everyone. It includes a dog like leg lift, a twirl, and some adorable cuteness…it is absolutely adorable. I asked around and we decided to start her after swim lessons were done. I am NOT a ballet girl or girlie girl…ask my mom…I told her it was SO boring hence why I ended up in jazz, gymnastics and ultimately cheerleading. I kind of felt like I was treading in foreign waters but we got the shoes, the tights, the most precious leotards and thats when I got SO excited. I mean who wouldn't love an adorable leotard and top bun:) Isabella was so excited leading up to it and was adorable in class. She listened, she followed and she twirled…heart swoon! She is not in the same class as her sweet friends that are a little older but we go at the same time which is so fun for class time and recital time for sure:)

Toddler bellies!!

Lots of new changes for this sweet girl..ballet and preschool soon:) So crazy!

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