Isabella 33 months

Oh my sweet Isabella. How are you creeping to almost 3. You are such a sweet, sensitive, strong willed little one. You want to bottle up these days with you. 

You are very strong willed and I pray every day we are shepherding you and training you well. I want to foster your independence but discipline to give you boundaries. I don't want you to be strong willed and spoiled. Just strong willed enough to be a good leader but know that mommy and daddy are looking out for your best interest. I am thankful for grace and pray often for patience and direction. I think the threes may be tough as we help you learn your independence and control a sense of boundaries. 

You are growing like a weed, at least it seems so in the height department. You are still in 18 months-2T clothes but you seem so grown up all of a sudden. You are really changing and looking more and more like a little girl rather than a baby. I love to look back on photos of you as a baby…time is flying too fast. 

You are still a pretty good eater…you eat when you are hungry and are a grazer and snacker like your momma, mimi and aunties:) Pedicure dates have become our thing. I told myself I wouldn't do it young but it is OUR time together. It's how I can go and daddy not care and I love it and so do you. YOu are so adorable and sit patiently and listen and stay SO still. 

You love and adore your brother. We work on sharing daily….more like hourly or every minute. You respond well to taking turns or trading toys. You love him and can get the best giggles out of him. You love to choke hold   hug him!! 

Your imagination is amazing. I adore it. You like to go shopping, give me money, you put on your purse, sit on your car and tell me "bye, bye." You keep asking for "Ear wings" and love to play with mommies and wear stickers as earrings. I have told you we will do it for your birthday, so you tell everyone you are getting them for your "birf-day."  Eek…I'm already nervous but we plan to get them numbed first and I think you will love them. 

You are OBSESSED with your Elsa pajamas and flip flops. You sleep in them, flip flops included EVERY single night. I have had to convince you that they do not go bye bye with us and when you start school you CANNOT wear them there. You ask for an Elsa braid almost daily and will tell me if you want one or two. It is quite adorable. You still love Minnie and prefer Mickey Mouse club house over all other shows. 


Weight:  25.8 lbs
Height: 36.5 in 
Head: 19 in

Diapers: PANTIES:)

Sleep: 8 pm-7-8ish am

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T

Teeth: All of them:)

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