Life lately

I'm so behind and late…August is ALWAYS crazy and these last few weeks are keeping that rolling! I feel like I can barely catch my breath most nights as I slump into bed most days running from 4:30 am until the kids are asleep around 8:00.  My head hurts most nights from trying to remember all the things I needed to and unwind. I have been trying to read a book about being busy but I'm too busy to read it ha! Here's a sneak of our last week and a few sneaks from Cayson's 1st birthday. It was incredible, crazy and perfect. My sweet hubby had the idea to have our favorite photographer Sofia come for the party so I could enjoy it and she could capture it…best idea ever. Made it so much more enjoyable for me!

Just helping party prep in her Elsa PJs of course!

Elsa crown:)

She begged for a hot dog at Costco and I couldn't say no! I mean then I didn't have to cook dinner either;)

This boy! I'm in SO much trouble!

Accessory queen!

12 month appt

Shenanigans at brothers 1 yr appt

Sneak peak of Cayson's farm party

This romper may be one of my favorites ever!!

Helping brother taste his cake

He really is one:)

Can't wait to share all the photos Sofia captured!!

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