Play fun

I'm SO late posting but our lives have been way TOO busy lately. We had some fun play dates the last couple weeks. GOing to play dates are even more fun now that Cayson gets to  fully participate…well in a 1 year old capacity anyways:)
Isabella wanted a picture of her "Pitty dwess"

And Cayson copied unprompted

Our newest monthly ritual and I adore it

She was helping mommy and was seriously helpful :)

These two are too much

Swim party fun

Oldies but had to be posted:)

Play street museum opened in Plano and we had to check it out with the Morgans…the kids had a blast

My little fishers

This kids LOVE for water cracks me up!
Morning sleepy eyes are my favorite

Sissy is sleeping and I have free range to ALL the toys!

Oh sweet days off and play days:)

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