13 months-Cayson

Oh my sweet Cayson boy! You absolutely have my whole heart! You are so precious, cuddly and so lovable. You are just getting more and more precious by the day if that is possible. You are still as busy as ever!! You keep me so incredibly busy but I adore it!

You are finally sleeping pretty consistently. You have decided though that between 6:30 am-7:30 am is a reasonably wake up time but momma thinks this is entirely too early:) You are pretty good about playing for bit but then purposefully throw out your pacifiers and cry so we come get them. Ha….little do you know those pacifiers are going bye bye soon. I also discovered that you chewed on your crib and I am SO sad….I have covered it now but it is a little late. I think you had to have done this on daddy's watch of course;)

You are seriously the best eater. You LOVE food and will eat anything I give you. You will point, babble, and talk until we figure out you want food. We are working on signing "more" and "eat," you get really excited and know what they mean but have yet to sign. You do stand up in your high chair and say "done" when you are finished though ha!

We have officially weaned breastfeeding over the last few weeks and I am just a little sad about it. It was a slow wean and we both did great. You have been so busy for a while now that nursing sessions were quite eventful, the night feeding was the hardest unlike with sissy. You seemed to not mind the weaning and took to your paci during our night rocking session just fine:) Of course you got a cold the last of the weaning and I couldn't help you in that department and it made me a little sad. I was thankful for frozen milk which you still get at least once a day. You have taken to sippy cups and whole milk just fine!! You don't guzzle the milk but you take plenty!

I am so smitten by you sweet boy and adore you!

Your schedule is the same:
6:30-7 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, food, play
12:30-nurse, play
6-dinner food, play
7:30-bath, bedtime

Weight:  20 lbs
Length:  30.5 in
Head: ….

Diapers: Size 4
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 3-4

1sts: clapping, waving, saying "dada, bye-bye, done"
Teeth: 8

Milestones: Climbing, babbling

Shots today: None

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