34 months-Isabella

Miss personality…I cannot even begin to fathom the fact that you are almost 3! I am in complete shock and denial. You have the biggest personality…you are sassy, sweet, stubborn all wrapped into one precious little one.

I have had to pray tons lately on how best to foster your personality and discipline and love you through each phase. Time outs have become ineffective and as much as it pains me you have on occasion received a spanking or two. You like to press the limits….you don't love to share with your brother unless its on your terms. You do much better with friends and strangers. I don't blame you I guess its tough always having to share and have people dictate what you do when.  I have started reading "Sheparding a child's heart" and I just can't get enough.

You are quite hilarious and I told myself I would write down all the fun things you say but I haven't been 100% and for that I am sad. My goal is to write them down because my memory is fleeting these days ha! Your little imagination just amazes me. You really are watching, listening and taking in everything around you.  You love to play "nigh nigh" and have me lay down, tickle my back and kiss me goodnight. You also love to ride your "Elsa car" EVERY single night…You will run kiss me and say "bye I go to the store." You are quite precious and sometimes my heart almost can't handle it.

You are so much like your momma it is crazy. You are officially in the picky clothes stage and prefer to wear dresses and skirts all day everyday. You are not loving shorts or anything that does sparkle or twirl. It takes some convincing and bribery to get you to wear anything but your "Elsa jammies." I had to convince you that you could not wear them out of the house or to school;) You do change into them as soon as we get home though.

You finally after months of asking got to start "bow yay." We finished up swim lessons just in time for you to start. I don't want to over commit you or us so we will stick to one activity a week at this point. You absolutely LOVE ballet…I honestly think you are just like your momma and would love gymnastics more…maybe we will try that next year.

You start school next week..you loved meet the teacher and told me "they had an Elsa and pink phone." I mean what more could you ask for. I know I will be heart broken once my heart goes to school but Isabella, my dear will love it.

Mesmerized at the balloon festival

Last swim lesson award

First ballet class

7R to ride "horsees"

Weight:  26.2 lbs
Height: 37 in 
Head: ….

Shoe size: 8

Clothes size: 2T

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