Foto Friday

This past week was a fun and busy one. Our sweet daddy/hubby had a birthday so we had a school night dinner celebration with the family and had a blast!!

Just ready for school:)

Fearfully and Wonderfully made…I pray she always know this!

Trying to get their picture together is near impossible. Cayson doesn't stay still near long enough ha

LOVE this

Out takes are always my favorite:)

My little momma's boy, cuddle bug hates to be put down…he loves to be held!! Unless he is too busy for that of course!

So sad….how dare I put him down!

Cousins at dinner

This girl…why does she look like a teenager already!?

I was picking up a MIckey for Cayson to help alleviate some sharing issues and Isabella found this even bigger Minnie-"wike Wacie" her cousins she said. I will have to upload the video of her asking daddy if she could have it and her reaction to him saying yes;) Worth the $20 she cost:)

The outfit Isabella convinced MImi to let her wear to school:) haha…too small dress with frilly skirt underneath! She is SO proud though!

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