Week in review

I'm late as usual but my OCD self still has to get these pics up. Because IG, FB, Dropbox, phone, Shutterfly, camera, computer are not enough places to save my photos;) I have a problem and I totally know it.

We had a great week. Cayson came down with a cold this weekend, thanks church nursery, then I got it...thankful Dennis and Isabella stayed well. And of course it would happen the week I officially weaned breastfeeding so I couldn't pass any good immunity on to him...insert big momma tears.

Highlight of the week was meeting the Gberry twins...I could not have been more excited. They are precious, perfect and their momma is amazing!
Target addicts
Ballet class take 2

Attempting a "side Sashay" 
Running across...though I think she was suppose to releve across but eh who cares.
Swoon worthy

my adorable paci hoarder...little does he know I will be sneaking these away soon...I took Isabella's away at 15 months and it was a breeze any months later and I know it would have been a nightmare. 

Big sister Grey and Hazel:) I could have stayed there forever!

Sweet tiny Hazel

Celebrating sweet Reid's birthday with Cayson while daddy went with Isabella to celebrate Collin's birthday

Twas the night before preschool and momma was crying!

Our first ever sick visit in the McDonald family...I mean I do this for a living but needed to make sure it wasn't strep...now to figure out how to get a hold of strep tests to avoid these visits;)

He rocked it and no strep just an obnoxious cold as momma suspected. 
He wanted lots of cuddles this weekend and momma did not complain

My adorable girl and her first "meet the teacher" she has been so excited for school

Mall fun with the Ellis fam after meet the teacher

Mall fun with friends...Isabella LOVES, I mean LOVES baby Cade! 

These two were adorable ha!
Sibling love after meet the teacher

Adore this picture for so many reasons

Isabella doctoring daddy and I can't decide what I love most...the pink braid, the Elsa jammies, or the fact that she is wrapping a PICC line around daddy's neck;)

Ready for Collin's cowboy party

Love this selfie Isabella snatched of me trying to rest since she was no nap ninja and bubby was asleep and daddy was siting next to us...ya...I never get sleep anymore! ha!

Can't wait to meet baby Tenaja

Taco night....Dennis even grabbed Margaritas to go from Margarita Hut...

Truth...what my living room looks like after the storm of kiddos ha!

These are all out of order but I'm too tired to rearrange:)

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  1. So much cuteness in one post. I can't wait till Harper can start ballet. Toddlers in ballet is by far the cutest thing ever. Love Isabella's pottery barn gear (; That store gets me in trouble every time!